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It’s been far too long since I’ve updated this.

I feel like I’ve hardly done anything to this website, and yet I already want to do a redesign. Itchy fingers and an itchy mind are the curse of the restless. EDIT: As you can see, I changed the website after all.

That said, today has been the best in terms of personal productivity in months.

  • Did a hardware supply run
  • Planned an event
  • Built a banner pole setup for my Gonfalon (Courtesy of my wonderful Pelican, Mistress Ingerith)
  • Completed 2/3 of a new rapier offhand (with instructions and an article to come soon(tm)
  • Studied new rapier concepts to practice and teach

Gonfalon depicting personal arms. All sewing courtesy of Mistress Ingerith. Banner pole and rope by yours truly.

I will admit that writing this out, it feels a tad depressing to consider this an achievement – however, compared to recently, it’s a marked improvement and all long term progress is made with small steps.
I have had a to-do list a mile long in the past 12 months, combining personal life, my role as Seneschal, my cooking endevours, more recently my role as Webminister and more recently my increased focus into Rapier + C&T (Which I managed to authorize in this week).


I owe an apology to everyone waiting for recipes and redactions from Oktoberfeast – I still have them part way done, I haven’t been in the headspace to sit down and focus on my cooking in quite a while. It’s still in the works, to be published Soon(TM) – along with my submission of forms to the Cooks Guild so I can rank up.
I’ll thank you all for your patience and promise to wash dishes in your kitchen or feed you in mine as repayment.


As I’m writing this, Rowany Festival looms around the corner with a variety of activities. I’ve already fallen far behind my sewing, but I hope I can continue this productive trend and actually get it done in time (with receiving talented help for anything complex, naturally).

12th Night Politarchopolis 2017, Court of the Outgoing Crown. Amos pictured very far right, bald and displaying a beard.

This year in the SCA should be an interesting one – I would like to travel more around Lochac. I had the pleasure of visiting the Barony of Politarchopolis for the first time for 12th Night early this year, taking a carpool from Innilgard that included playing taxi for the B&B. It was my first opportunity to serve as a part of court and I found I enjoyed it, even if all I really did was look good, hold cups and his Excellencies do-rag.

I had a lot of fun there, and I hope to have the opportunity to travel further. I’ve made it a personal goal to attempt to reach one new Barony (at least), per year so that I can experience everything this Kingdom can offer. I hope to hit a second this year in travelling to Ynys Fawr for Great Southern Gathering. In a strange turn about, it will be my third GSG in a row, but my first where I won’t be fighting a Guild Prize. I hope to develop a class to present however.

I have further personal goals of upping the quality of everything I do – rather than take on anything more – in fact, I will be stepping down as Seneschal this year, something I hope will give me more time and energy to return to working on my own game rather than playing hide-a-way in a Castle of Paperwork.

In closing, I will leave you a lovely photo taken of me announcing myself at the most recent Baronial Rapier Championship in Innilgard. I didn’t win, but I had fun, and more importantly I managed to convince half my opponents to fight me with single or case of daggers – which given the distance and footwork restrictions actually made my fights more fun.

Amos, announcing his intent to fight before Her Majesty, Their Excellencies and the populace of Innilgard. Included is my new fancy Gonfalon which became the angry goat banner on the day, as the wind made it a concussion hazard to anyone walking near without practicing good body voiding.

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