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Site updates!

So as I’m sure most of my regular readers would have noticed, I updated the design of the website to go with the New Year. I’m quite happy at a few of the small changes I made and how it has come out.

I’ve also written some new content for the website, some ideas I’ve bounced around and worked on slowly for a few months now.

First I wrote a short introductory guide for people interested in assisting in feast kitchens. It’s by no means as complex or indepth as some of the other guides out there, but it provides a good start to people who have no idea where to begin.

I also spent some time finishing a short guide on applying for office positions in the SCA. I’ve written at least half a dozen in my time in the SCA and I’ve only been unsuccessful once (I attribute my success to picking jobs no-one else wanted). I’ve also read a ton from well written multi-page documents covering every possible type of experience to a short line of “I will do it”. I know what I personally prefer to see.

As always I’m open to constructive feedback or questions on either of these, I plan to add some more writings this month, suggestions on topics are welcome.

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Welcome to

Welcome to my SCA blog/journal. As you can see, it’s slowly a work in progress. If you have suggestions, feel free to let me know in the comments below, failing that, stay tuned while I add content.

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